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General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance protects you and your company against bodily injury or property damage claims or lawsuits that may arise due to your business operations. This coverage is essential for your company’s financial health because just one claim could destroy your business. Let Elite Insurance Solutions work with you to assemble a comprehensive coverage plan to make sure that your company is adequately covered.

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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance protects you, your drivers, and your business from auto accidents and injuries that can put your investments at risk. This policy can cover a wide range of vehicles for many different types of business use. For example, the vehicle can be a personal car used for business or a vehicle solely used for business such as a taxicab, bus, or delivery vehicle. If you are in the market for commercial auto insurance, let Elite Insurance Solutions help you find the right company that can provide you with coverage that fits your company’s needs.

Business Property Insurance

Business property insurance covers the company building and the contents that are owned by the company. It protects your company from losses that might occur due to fire, theft, or vandalism. Let Elite Insurance Solutions find the best coverage possible for your business.

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Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation protects your employees from work-related accidents or illnesses by providing them with coverage for their medical treatment and their lost wages. It also covers the services they need to help them recover so they can return to work. In most instances, workers compensation is state-mandated. At Elite Insurance Solutions, we understand keeping your employees safe is your number one priority. While we can’t guarantee that they will not get injured on the job, we can help you find a policy that will keep them protected if they do.

Professional Liability Insurance

This is also referred to as errors and omissions insurance which provides coverage for professionals who give their professional expertise to their clients. Doctors, lawyers, consultants, engineers, and real estate brokers are just some of the professions that should be covered by professional liability insurance. This coverage can protect you if your service or advice fails to meet certain industry standards, whether by the state or through contracts and agreements.

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Builders Risk Insurance

Builders risk insurance is sometimes referred to as construction insurance. This insurance covers a building where the where the insured area is presently under construction. It can cover the structure; the materials on site that are waiting to be installed; or the materials being transported to the site. Contact Elite Insurance Solutions so we can help you find the right coverage for your project.

Bonds Insurance

The most common bond is a surety bond. A surety bond is a contract between three parties. The person who is the recipient of an obligation, the primary party who will perform the contractual obligation, and the person who assures the obligation will be done. Contract surety bonds are the most common in the insurance industry. This type of bond is used in construction by the general contractor. It guarantees to the project owner that that the general contractor will adhere to the contract in place.

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Business Umbrella Insurance

Business Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage when any of your underlying business policies liability coverage have been exhausted. Let Elite Insurance Solutions help safeguard your company’s assets. A business umbrella policy will give your company the added protection if you, your employee’s, or your company becomes liable for a major claim or lawsuit.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability insurance protects your company in the event of a data breach with your customer’s sensitive information. This sensitive information can include social security numbers, bank account or credit card numbers, driver’s license numbers, or medical information. This coverage helps with legal fees and expenses. In addition, it covers the cost of restoring customers identities; notifying them of the breach; recovering compromised data; and repairing damaged computer systems. Let Elite Insurance Solutions help find protection for your company in the event of a data breach.

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