Is your student going out of state to college and not sure what to do about their car insurance?  There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when answering this question.  These factors include who owns the vehicle; the intended usage of the vehicle; and distance from home.  In most cases, you will only need to let the carrier know where the vehicle will be kept.

Who owns the vehicle is important:

If the parents own the car, then it needs to remain on the parent’s policy.  However, if the student owns the car, then they will need to contact the carrier to learn if the policy needs to be moved to the new state.

Usage can also determine if the policy needs to be changed.

If your child plans to remain on campus or out of state most of the year, including summer and breaks, they may be considered a resident.  In in this case, the policy would need to change to the new state.  If they’re going to live at or near the school location permanently, it is best to change the policy to that state

Distance is also a consideration.

Please be aware even if they’re away at college without a car, you cannot remove them from the policy. However, if your student is going to school over 100 miles away and not taking the car, you may qualify for a discount.

In some states, the parental responsibility laws could make you the parent liable.  For example, if your teen driver causes an accident, even if they have their own policy, you could be liable.  Every situation is different. It is always best to contact your agent to discuss changes in your household and review your policy to make sure it still fits your needs.